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The Perfect Solution to Treating Cavities with Composite Fillings

Untreated decay can wreak havoc on your oral health and ruin your smile. That’s why it’s imperative to deal with cavities quickly. At Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, we treat cavities with composite fillings. Your Walnut Creek, California dentist, will remove the decay that’s destroying your tooth, disinfect the area and fill the space with a composite filling to keep harmful bacteria at bay. A dental exam from Dr. Troy Schmedding will determine if you have cavities so you can get the treatment you need without delay.

Key Features of Composite Fillings

In years past, silver amalgam was the go-to filling for treating cavities. Today, many dentists have upgraded to composite resin fillings due to the following features:

  • Composite fillings are made of a strong resin material that’s perfectly safe for your teeth. In contrast, silver amalgam fillings contain metals and mercury, both of which can be harmful to some people.
  • Composite resin is the same color as natural teeth, so your fillings are hardly noticeable. Dr. Schmedding can match the shade of your fillings to that of your natural teeth, so they blend in beautifully. Composite fillings are perfect for front teeth as they don’t show up in your smile.
  • Composite fillings don’t require that you prepare the tooth in advance by scraping off some enamel to accommodate the filling. This retains more of your natural tooth.
  • Composite fillings bond with your teeth, which helps strengthen weak or damaged teeth.
  • With proper care, composite resin fillings can last up to 7 years or longer to protect your teeth.
  • Composite resin material can also be used for fixing minor imperfections in your teeth, such as small chips, dents, cracks, etc.
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At Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, you work with Dr. Troy Schmedding and our team of dental specialists for cavity treatment. We strive to help our patients maintain healthy teeth and beautiful smiles that last a lifetime through prompt dental care. To schedule an appointment for cavity treatment at Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek, CA, contact us at (925) 956-4266 today.

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