High-quality dental crowns in Walnut Creek, CA

High-quality dental crowns in Walnut Creek, CA restore the appearance and function of teeth

Dental crowns are one of the most commonly placed dental restorations throughout the world, and for good reason – they are incredibly versatile at restoring not just the function and shape of a damaged tooth, but also its appearance. At the dental practice of Dr. Troy A. Schmedding in Walnut Creek, CA, you can rely on our dental team to provide you with a high-quality dental crown that looks as great as it feels and functions.

Dental crowns explained

Getting a Dental Crown Placed  at Dr. Troy Schmedding of Family Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA Area

Dental crowns are custom-made restorations that fit over the visible surface of your tooth above the gumline, like a cap for your tooth. In fact, they are often aptly called “tooth caps.” A dental crown may be recommended for a number of reasons, such as:

  • To repair a tooth that has been significantly damaged by tooth decay
  • To hold together pieces of a tooth that has been fractured or broken
  • To restore the shape and strength of a tooth that has been weakened or worn down
  • For aesthetic purposes, such as to cover teeth that are permanently stained or oddly shaped/sized
  • To restore a tooth after root canal therapy
  • As part of a dental bridge to anchor it in place
  • To finish a dental implant to replace a missing tooth

Getting a dental crown placed

Getting a dental crown is a highly personalized process at the dental practice of Dr. Troy Schmedding. First, after consulting with you to determine whether a dental crown is the best option for your specific oral health needs, Dr. Schmedding will prepare the tooth by shaping it so the dental crown will fit over the tooth properly. Then, we will take impressions of the tooth so your crown can be made from the material that you choose, such as porcelain for a natural-looking result. Dr. Schmedding will place a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it while your crown is being made in the laboratory, and then when it is ready, you will come back in and he will cement your new crown into place after checking to make sure it has the perfect fit.

To learn more about dental crowns and schedule your consultation with Dr. Troy Schmedding, call our Walnut Creek, CA office at (925) 956-4266 today!

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