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How A Porcelain Dental Crown Can Benefit a Tooth That Has Undergone Root Canal Therapy

From your front to your back teeth, making sure they remain healthy and white is important. But what happens when a tooth becomes compromised or weakened due to issues ranging from tooth decay to physical trauma? As offered by Dr. Troy Schmedding and the team at Family Dentistry at Walnut Creek, Porcelain dental crowns are a wonderful tooth restoration option that will protect a weakened tooth while also providing the strength and durability needed for normal functionality. One such situation you will likely need a dental crown is following root canal therapy.

When a tooth undergoes root canal therapy, the inner pulp has been removed. This removal is necessary because it has become infected and threatens the health of your tooth. Removing this inner pulp, consisting of nerves and blood vessels, leaves the tooth in a weakened state. Placing a strong crown made of porcelain over this tooth will protect it and prevent extraction. Here are some reasons why a natural looking porcelain dental crown is great for preserving a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

Protection From Sensitivity

When a tooth has undergone a root canal, some remaining nerves may be extra sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The pain and discomfort from this can be very frustrating. Capping the tooth with a porcelain dental crown shields the tooth from these temperatures, allowing you to eat and drink what you want without worry.

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Restores The Fragile Tooth

When a tooth undergoes a root canal, it will be much more fragile than before. This is due to the inner pulp being removed and the fact that pulp had to be accessed by drilling into the tooth. The end result is a tooth that is not as strong as it was, and it can be at risk from daily functions such as eating or even speaking. A durable dental crown will cover this fragile tooth and protect it from further damage.

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