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Are Dental Crowns Required After Getting a Root Canal?

Dental crowns are used by dentists in Walnut Creek, California, for several reasons. Crowns are an excellent restorative option while also providing cosmetic benefits. Dr. Troy Schmedding and the team at Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek utilize porcelain dental crowns to help reinforce teeth damaged by chips or cracks, as a way to attach a dental bridge, or to conceal teeth that are misshapen or discolored. One common use of dental crowns is to protect a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

What is a Root Canal?

When a tooth becomes decayed or damaged to the point where the inner pulp (consisting of blood vessels and nerves) becomes infected, a root canal may be necessary to save the tooth. Root canal therapy involves your dentist drilling into the tooth and cleaning the infected material. The tooth is then cleaned, disinfected, and sealed. When a tooth undergoes a root canal, it is significantly weakened, making it susceptible to future damage. The tooth will likely no longer be able to use for daily functions such as chewing. A porcelain dental crown can help with this!

Actual Porcelain Crowns Before and After Results

Actual before And After Results of Porcelain Crowns

Dental Crowns for Teeth That Have Undergone Root Canal Therapy

In many cases, although not always, a dental crown will be used to protect a damaged tooth that has undergone root canal therapy. A dental crown provides strength and durability to protect a badly damaged tooth. In particular, it will help prevent the tooth from cracking or fracturing once it has been weakened. Dentists prefer dental crowns in this scenario not only for the reinforcement it offers a tooth but also because it provides a natural look. You will look like you have a complete and healthy smile.

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Are Crowns Always Necessary After a Root Canal?

While the short answer is no, leaving a tooth unprotected after a root canal puts it at serious risk for further damage. This is especially true for your molars used for chewing. Your incisors and canines may not require the same protection due to having less physical strain put on them regularly. Talk to your dentist about what they recommend.

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