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The best solution for missing teeth at our dental implants center in Walnut Creek, CA

Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue. Without a full set of teeth, every bite of food you take causes extra pressure on your remaining teeth, causing them to fracture or chip. Missing teeth can also cause your teeth to move around your mouth and lead to jawbone loss. While a porcelain bridge can relieve pressure and keep your teeth in place, it will not preserve your jaw. Dr. Schmedding offers patients in Walnut Creek, CA, a long-term solution at our dental implants center. 

Replace the whole structure of missing teeth

Mini Implants at Dr. Troy Schmedding of Family Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA Area

Dental implants are screw-shaped rods placed in your jaw. The titanium implant will provide superior support for a dental crown or denture for a restoration that lasts a lifetime with the proper care. During your evaluation, Dr. Schmedding will check for tooth decay and gum disease that needs treatment first. If you need a tooth extraction, you will need to heal before you are ready for your implant.

An oral surgeon will cut into your gum and drill into your jawbone to place the implant. You may need a bone or tissue graft to build a foundation for your new tooth. Once the implant is in place, the surgeon will use sutures to close the wound, and it will need some time to heal and fuse to your jawbone. When you return, the abutment will be placed, and Dr. Schmedding will place a porcelain crown that will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Mini implants

Patients that want to speed up the process and cut down on recovery time may prefer mini implants. These implants are smaller and do not require complex surgery to place. Healing time is quicker, and your temporary crown can be placed the same day as your mini implant. Because they are smaller, they require less jawbone for support, and many patients can avoid a bone graft if they choose mini implants. However, if you have already suffered significant bone loss or grind your teeth at night, mini implants may not be a suitable option. 

Dr. Schmedding will educate you on all your options and work with you to form a treatment plan that suits you. Contact our dental implant center in Walnut Creek today at (925) 956-4266 to schedule a consultation.

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