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Dental hygiene visits performed with a gentle touch in Walnut Creek, CA

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Good oral hygiene starts at home, but regular dental hygiene visits at your family dentist are an equally important component of maintaining optimal oral health. At Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, CA, our team of registered dental hygienists perform professional teeth cleanings with a gentle touch and a personalized approach so you can leave the office with a gleaming smile.

Why are regular professional cleanings necessary?

Although most people know they should visit the dentist twice per year, it can be easy to put off scheduling a dental cleaning, especially if you aren’t experiencing any tooth pain. However, dental hygiene visits are an important part of maintaining good oral health at every age. At your routine hygiene visit, our team of dental professionals will:

Maintaining a healthy mouth

  • Perform a visual inspection of your entire mouth, making note of any areas that the dentist should be alerted about, such as signs of gum disease or cavities
  • Remove any built-up plaque and tartar from your teeth using a small mirror and a specialized tool called a scaler; this is an important step because once disease-causing tartar has built up on your teeth, brushing and flossing alone cannot remove it
  • Polish your teeth with a high-powered device and a slightly gritty toothpaste; this step serves the dual purpose of further cleaning your teeth and smoothing the area, preventing bacteria and plaque from accumulating
  • Floss between your teeth and gums to remove any leftover debris from the cleaning process
  • As needed, apply fluoride treatment to protect your teeth and fend off cavities

Throughout the cleaning, the dental hygienist will use a gentle touch and rinse your mouth with water, so you are comfortable. In addition, other steps may be performed, depending on your age and oral health needs, such as taking x-rays once a year or placing protective sealants on a child’s teeth.

By cleaning your teeth and gums in this way, it is like pressing the “Reset” button on your oral health – you leave the office a clean, pearly white smile and reduce your chances of decay and disease.

If you are due for your regular hygiene visit, call Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek to schedule your appointment today! (925) 956-4266

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