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Dental Crowns: Smile restoration for patients in Walnut Creek CA

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Dental crowns are among the oldest examples of dentistry found in archeological evidence. Yet the materials, techniques, and uses for crowns have continued to evolve. Today, in the experienced hands of Dr. Troy Schmedding  at Family Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA, crowns play an essential role in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

Conventional crowns

A tooth crown looks like the part of a tooth you see above the gumline, but the center is hollow. These tooth caps are designed to fit over the carefully shaped structure of natural teeth, with the roots remaining intact.

Traditionally, crowns are indirect restorations, meaning they are made at an off-site dental laboratory, based on impressions, measurements, and shading instructions from the dentist. Temporary crowns made of composite resin or prefabricated crowns made of stainless steel protect prepared teeth, meanwhile. When the lab completes fabrication of final crowns, the patient returns to have temporaries removed and the new porcelain teeth crowns cemented into place.

Most often, a crown is a damaged tooth restoration, for repair of extensive decay or trauma. Here are some of the other ways crowns can improve a smile:

  • Hold cracked teeth together.
  • Build up worn down teeth.
  • Crowns are used for teeth strengthening when root canal therapy has been performed.
  • Two crowns are used to anchor a dental bridge, replacing one or multiple missing teeth in a row.
  • A stand-alone dental implant is finished with a crown restoration to restore appearance and function of a missing tooth.
  • For aesthetic enhancement of a discolored tooth, or one with unusual size or shape.

With good dental hygiene and sensible oral habits, dental crowns can provide many years of service.

Can your smile benefit from natural-looking precision-made dental crowns? Visit Dr. Troy Schmedding at  Family Dentistry in Walnut Creek CA to learn more.  

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