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Get Rid of Teeth Imperfections with Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Whether you are a dentist or not, you will agree that your smile matters. Your smile is pivotal in communication and plays an integral role in your confidence. Unfortunately, teeth flaws can make you feel self-conscious about your smile and overall appearance. But thank goodness, teeth imperfections aren’t cast in stone — they can be eliminated through cosmetic dentistry.

Are you unhappy about the smile you see in front of the mirror? Don’t let teeth flaws keep you from flashing your dazzling smile. Cosmetic dentistry services from Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, California, can give you a smile that looks stunning just as it feels.

Teeth imperfections that can disappear with cosmetic dentistry

Since being born with a flawless smile borders the impossible, it’s not uncommon to have teeth imperfections coming between you and your dream smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can fix many teeth challenges, including:

  • Stained teeth
  • Chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth
  • Decayed teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Tooth gaps
  • Slightly crooked teeth
  • Noticeable teeth wear down

If one or a combination of the above culprits damages your smile, please book an appointment with our clinic. Dr. Troy Schmedding will give a touch-up that will change your smile now and for years to come.

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Our cosmetic dentistry services can transform your smile

What would you like to change about your smile? Is it the stained teeth? Or perhaps it’s the chipped, decayed, or damaged teeth? Whether you are looking for a minor touch or a complete smile makeover, at Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek, we provide the below cosmetic services to change your smile for the better.

  • Teeth whitening: Many factors could lead to discolored teeth. Our teeth are never safe from stains, from food substances like soda, wine, coffee to factors like genetics, certain medications, and natural aging. Fortunately, if you don’t like the yellowed look of your smile, we offer professional teeth whitening to brighten your smile.
  • Porcelain veneers: Dental veneers are thin, tooth-colored shells placed on the front teeth to improve the function and appearance of your teeth. Veneers hide numerous imperfections, including teeth’ chips, stains, damages, and decays.
  • Cosmetic teeth bonding: Are veneers out of your budget’s reach? No problem. You can get cosmetic bonding to hide various teeth flaws. A tooth bonding is the placement of composite resin material on the teeth to disguise teeth gaps, chips, and cracks.
  • Crowns: If you don’t like the length, shape, or size of your tooth, we can crown it! Crowns are tooth-colored teeth caps placed on the teeth to change appearance and function.
  • Dental fillings: Are cavities wreaking havoc on your teeth? Teeth fillings can help stop the spread. And the best part? We offer tooth-colored fillings that aren’t conspicuous while smiling.

Cosmetic dentist office in Walnut Creek, CA

If you are unhappy with your smile, cosmetic dentistry can transform it. All you need to do is dial (925) 956-4266 to book an appointment with Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek. Dr. Troy Schmedding and his team will give you that dream smile you have always wanted.

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Dr. Troy Schmedding is a graduate of the University of Puget Sound and obtained his DDS from the University of the Pacific, Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. He has over two decades of experience in a variety of dental treatments ranging from complex restorative procedures to smile enhancement procedures like porcelain veneers. Dr. Schmedding is always committed to providing you and your family with high-quality care and exceptional treatments. With Dr. Schmedding, you can expect to receive gentle and effective dental care for not only you but everyone in your family under one roof.

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