Can Tooth Implants Cause Problems in Walnut Creek Area

Dental Implants: What Are the Risks?

Implants are one of the most sought-after dental treatments for replacing missing teeth as they look, function, and feel like natural teeth. The dental implant process requires surgery, and, like any surgery, there are risks. Working with an experienced dental implant dentist like Dr. Troy Schmedding from Family Dentistry of Walnut Creek drastically reduces those risks. However, before proceeding with this dental treatment, you should be aware of the risks.

Can Tooth Implants Cause Problems?

Dental implants are composed of a titanium base (implant), a metal abutment to support your crown, and a porcelain crown to replace your lost tooth. The titanium base is surgically embedded into your jaw, where it fuses with your bone system, a process called osseointegration which can take several months to complete. Once the implant has healed, Dr. Schmedding will attach the abutment and crown to complete your smile.

The following are some possible problems that could occur during this procedure:

  • Dental implant failure – The implant doesn’t fuse properly with your jawbone, making it ineffective in holding your replacement tooth.
  • Improper placement – The implant is placed too close to an adjacent tooth or at the wrong angle, causing discomfort or improper bone fusion.
  • Infection – The area may become infected during the healing process.

We’ll conduct a thorough dental exam before scheduling implant surgery to ensure you have no untreated dental issues like decay or gum disease that can adversely impact your treatment.

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Dental Implants After Care

We’ll give you complete instructions on caring for your implants after surgery to avoid post-op complications. Minimal bleeding, swelling, and pain are normal and can be managed with OTC pain relievers. We’ll also prescribe antibiotics to minimize infection risks. Maintain a soft diet for the first week and avoid hard foods until your implants heal. Brush gently around the area and rinse with salt water for the first few days following surgery. Good oral hygiene is vital for successful implant treatment.

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